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Testifire 9202 9m Smoke/Heat/CO Detector Testing Kit

The Testifire 9202 Smoke/Heat/CO detector tester system offers the longest reach of any remote testing apparatus. By boasting the ability to combine a 4.5 metre telescopic access pole with up to three standard extension poles, this kit allows users to highly customise the reach of the system. This massively improves its potential range. As stated the kit is modular, meaning it can be used to access devices at standard heights as well as enabling climb-free access to detectors on even the highest ceilings. Removing the need for extensive scaffolding creates immense time saving benefits for those conducting commercial detector testing. With automated test initiation, bespoke programmable test cycles and the longest reach available, the Testifire 9202 kit offers a versatile and complete system. Purchasing this kit is guaranteed to lead to long term time and cost saving benefits compared to the alternatives. This ultimate kit is completed with a universal detector removal tool and free protective storage/carry bag.

  • Kit includes:
    • Testifire 2000 Smoke/Heat/CO detector tester
    • TS3 smoke capsule
    • TC3 carbon monoxide capsule
    • Two solo battery batons
    • Solo 727 fast charger
    • Solo 100-001 fibreglass 4.5m telescopic access pole
    • Solo 101-001 fibreglass 1.13m extension pole
    • Solo universal detector removal tool
    • Solo protective carrying/storage bag
  • Automated infra-red test initiation
  • Highly customisable test sequences including simultaneous testing
  • Colour coded LED user feedback
  • Automatic power-off feature after 5 minutes of inactivity to extend battery life
  • No pressurised containers needed - stimuli created on demand for smoke and CO sensors

This is the technical data for the Testifire 9202 9m Smoke/Heat/CO Detector Testing Kit.

Product Code NCTF9202
Weight 13.00kg
Manufacturer Part Number 9201-001
Kit Contents 1x Testifire 2000 Smoke/Heat/CO Tester
1x TS3 Smoke Capsule
1x TC3 Carbon Monoxide Capsule
2x Solo Battery Batons
1x Solo 727 Fast Charger
1x Solo Fibreglass 4.5m Telescopic Pole
3x Solo Fibreglass 1.13m Extension Poles
1x Solo Universal Detector Removal Tool
1x Solo Protective Carry Bag
Battery Type 7.2V 2.2Ah NiMH rechargeable batteries
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