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Solo C3 - Carbon Monoxide Detector Tester

The Solo C3 carbon monoxide (CO) detector tester spray is designed for use in conjunction with the Solo 330 dispenser. Used in this controlled manner, the canister safely tests a CO detector by introducing a measured amount of CO gas to the sensor, whilst maintaining concentration levels below the toxic threshold. The Solo C3 tester is non-flammable and is supplied in a non-hazardous pressurised canister.

  • Introduces CO gas to the detector sensor
  • Non-flammable
  • To be used in conjunction with the Solo 330 dispenser
  • A measured amount of CO gas is delivered in a controlled manner
  • Concentration levels below the user danger level
  • Supplied in a non-hazardous pressurised 250ml canister

Please note: Some carbon monoxide detectors require a low level of CO present over a long period of time. It is unlikely that the Solo C3 will be suitable for testing these types of detectors.

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