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Solo 108 - Telescopic Access Poles 2,2m

An essential part of the Solo detector testing range, the Solo 100 and 108 telescopic access poles offer safe access to detectors installed at height. Without the need for ladders, the telescopic access poles ensure alarm technicians fully comply with the Safe Working at Height Regulations 2005. The non-conductive glass fibre construction protects the user and live equipment from inadvertent short circuits. Available in two lengths, the telescopic poles are lightweight and easy to use.

  • Suitable for use with both Solo and Testifire branded products
  • Required for access to detectors out of normal reach
  • Lightweight non-conductive glass fibre construction
  • Optimum strength to weight ratio ensures minimum possible whip or bend at height
  • Easy to use locking mechanism
  • Available in two lengths:
    • Solo 108 - 2.2m telescopic pole (4m working height)
    • Solo 100 - 4.5m telescopic pole (6m working height)
  • Designed for use with Solo detector equipment including:
    • Solo 330 Smoke Dispenser
    • Solo 461 Cordless Heat Detector Test Kit
    • Solo 423 & 424 Mains Powered Heat Detector Testers
    • Solo 200 Universal Detector Removal Tool
  • Ensures compliance with the Safe Working at Height Regulations 2005
  • Allows "functional" testing to be carried out
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