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Inner Edge® XLP

XLP Upper Front Facing Series 3-LED Lamp Extra Low Profile Series
Full featured interior vehicle specific lightbar series is virtually undetectable when not in operation, allowing you to be seen only when you want to be seen! Now offered in the extra low profile XLP Series!
Low profile and extra low profile vehicle lighting systems with incredibly bright Super-LED® lightheads mounted in a rugged housing.
These units mount snugly against the windshield on the upper front of Chevy Caprice, Suburban, Tahoe, Silverado; Dodge Charger, Durango, Ram 1500; Ford Explorer, F150/250/350, Police Interceptor Utility,Taurus/Police Interceptor Sedan and Fusion.


he Inner Edge XLP Upper Front Facing Series vehicle specific lightbars with a profile of only 3/4" in height, providing more headroom and a better field of view, while virtually eliminating flashback, to the operator. XLP models have multiple Scan-Lock™ flash patterns, a sturdy powder-coated aluminum housing, removable lenses and low power option.

XLP 3-LED Upper Front Forward Facing Features:
• Extra low profile (only 3/4" high) and brighter light output.
• Smaller profile XLP housings are shorter, thinner than the previous models, mounting higher and closer to the windshield/headliner increasing headroom/interior space, provides a better field of view and virtually eliminates flashback to the operator.
• Housings sections available as single passenger side only or a connected two piece driver/passenger side unit.
• Each section houses either six lightheads or five lightheads and a flashing take-down.
• 3-LED models with low current switching and low power.
• Customize your 3-LED Inner Edge with extra interchangeable lenses supplied with each unit.

Choose from four configurations:
• 1. Five 3-LED lamps and one LED flashing/take-down, upper front passenger side unit only.
• 2. Six 3-LED lamps (no take-down), upper front passenger side unit only.
• 3. Ten 3-LED lamps and two take-downs, upper front unit, two piece, individual driver and passenger side units.
• 4. Twelve 3-LED lamps (no take-downs), upper front unit, two piece, individual driver and passenger side units.


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