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Graham MegaMover® Plus

The Graham MegaMover® Plus is a durable, compact, cost effective, portable transport unit used to transport, transfer, or rescue patients from areas inaccessible to stretchers.  The MegaMover® Plus accepts standard backboards for immobilization. The gray color provides decreased visibility where security is vital. The nonwoven, latex-free construction holds up to 450 kg. and has 14 handles, six per side, for ergonomic lifting.   

The MegaMover® Plus Portable Transport Unit is not designed for use when there is a need for spinal stabilization or traction of the patient being transported.  It is recommended to use at least four people to provide safe transport/transfer, thus reducing the possibility of accident or injury.

The MegaMover® Plus Portable Transport Unit is intended for limited use.  If the unit is damaged, frayed, cut, or soiled, replace with a new unit. Do not machine wash or dry.

  • Latex free
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