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Cygnus CYG5 First Aid Alert Point

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Cygnus CYG5 First Aid Alert Point

The Cygnus first aid alert point has been designed to operate differently from all other types of alerts and alarms. Once triggered, the first aid alert will beep intermittently every 8 seconds at 85 decibels. The control panel notifies the user of the exact location within a zone where the site fire alarm has been triggered.

This helps to quickly identify and narrow down the search area. These devices are used where sites require designated first aid points and alarms. This device uses the same battery pack as the CYG2 alarm and links in to the fire alarm system the same way as all other devices. It also maintains an IP65 ingress rating.

Key Features:

  • Battery powered
  • First aid alert button and sounder. Press the button to sound a first aid alert across the entire network. The sounders operate for 1 second out of every 8 seconds

First Aid Alert is Cancelled:

  • By pressing and holding the button on the originating. First aid call point twice for at least 5 seconds each time
  • At the control panel
  • Timing out after a programmable time (defaults 30 minutes)

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