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Cygnus CYG4L Wireless Smoke Detector

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Cygnus CYG4L Wireless Smoke Detector

Cygnus lithium smoke detectors have optical smoke sensors. The smoke detectors are an integral part of the system, providing essential detection in and out of working hours on all types of construction projects, in particular, site accommodation units. Optical smoke detectors work using the light scatter principle. The detector activates the alarm when a pre-set threshold of smoke penetrates into the sensing chamber. Detectors come with an 85 decibel sounder.

Key Features:

  • Battery powered
  • Raises fire alarm when smoke is detected
  • Fitted with Apollo S65 Optical Smoke Detector to EN54-7
  • No external antenna is required

Detector is Cancelled:

  • By pressing and holding the button on any fire call point for at least 5 seconds
  • At the control panel
  • Timing out after a programmable time (defaults 30 minutes)

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