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Cygnus CYG3LPIR Wireless Heat Detector with PIR Sensor

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Cygnus CYG3LPIR Wireless Heat Detector with PIR Sensor

Cygnus lithium heat detectors are an integral part of the system, providing essential detection in and out of working hours on all types of construction projects. This thoroughly tested and high-quality Cygnus heat detector works in the radio mesh, like any other device, and will help transmit and receive all other radio messages from other site alarms to help site wide radio performance.

Using a matched pair of thermistors to sense heat, one thermistor is exposed to the ambient temperature, the other is sealed. In normal conditions, the two thermistors register similar temperatures but on the development of a fire the temperature recorded by the exposed thermistor will increase rapidly, resulting in an imbalance of the thermistors and causing the detector to activate the alarm.

The new PIR intruder functionality is available on all Cygnus alarms. This additional functionality helps utilise fire, first aid alarms and detectors for intruder activations. This added functionality works with the CYG1-GSM/GPRS control panel that sends users an SMS text alert notification should an intrusion occur. Alerts can also be sent to a third-party monitoring station. The sensors are activated by using the menu settings on the control panel, and if an intruder is to pass the sensor in its activated mode will cause the local alarm to sound.

Key Features:

  • Raises fire alarm when the detector reaches its rated temperature
  • Fitted with Apollo S65 A1R Heat Detector to EN54-5
  • No external antenna is required

Detector is Cancelled:

  • By pressing and holding the button on any fire call point for at least 5 seconds
  • At the control panel
  • Timing out after a programmable time (default 30 seconds)

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