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Cygnus CYG2FPIR Fire Call Point Alarm with First Aid Alert and PIR Sensor

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Cygnus CYG2FPIR Fire Call Point Alarm with First Aid Alert and PIR Sensor

The Cygnus fire call point alarm operates using a single battery pack and can be used externally. This radio alarm device has also been designed as a standalone alarm unit. These devices are normally situated around a site in prominent places on main escape routes, stairwells and on, or near fire points where they are visible in case of an emergency.

The impressive combined Cygnus fire call point and first aid alarm has all features of the CYG2 alarm but in addition boast the first aid alert functionality for first aid emergencies. This operates in a different way to a fire alarm so as to distinguish the type of alarm. When a first aid alert is raised, each first aid device will beep intermittently every 8 seconds.

The new PIR intruder functionality is available on all Cygnus alarms. This additional functionality helps utilise fire, first aid alarms and detectors for intruder activations. This added functionality works with the CYG1-GSM/GPRS control panel that sends users an SMS text alert notification should an intrusion occur. Alerts can also be sent to a third-party monitoring station. The sensors are activated by using the menu settings on the control panel, and if an intruder is to pass the sensor in its activated mode will cause the local alarm to sound.

Key Features:

  • The Cygnus fire call point and first aid alarm is an intelligent and safety compliant alarm.
  • It is a cost-effective solution that ensures the safety of the workers at the work site.
  • The CYG2F is suitable for all medical or first aid related emergencies.
  • The Cygnus fire call point and first aid alarm works very differently when compared to the fire alarm in order to distinguish between the kind of alarm that is being raised.
  • When a first aid alarm is sounded, all the first aid devices will beep recurrently every 8 seconds indicating a medical emergency.
  • 122dB as standard or 85
  • IP65 rated
  • 868MHz frequency
  • 1.72Kg

Technical Data
Aerial Height 230 (mm)
Aerial Type External Mount
Category 1 YES
Dimensions H265 x W170 x D90 (mm)
Frequency 868MHz
IP Rating IP65
Noise Level 122db as standard or 85db
Power Battery Power Pack
Warranty 12 Months
Weight 1.72kg / 3.80lbs
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