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Cygnus CYG2/85DB Fire Call Point Alarm 85dB

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Cygnus CYG2/85DB Fire Call Point Alarm 85dB

The Cygnus 85 decibel call point alarm operates using a single battery pack and is IP rated, thus suitable for external use. This device has been designed as a standalone alarm unit as well as a radio alarm. These devices are built with a less audible sounder for quieter areas such as operational facilities where a 110 decibel level is inappropriate.

The call point is pushed to raise an alarm which will activate alarms around the entire site. Please note that this device does not include a flashing beacon

Key Features:

  • 85 Decibel Sounder
  • IP65 Rated
  • Call Point Operated

Technical Data
Aerial Height 230 (mm)
Aerial Type External Mount
Category 1 YES
Dimensions H265 x W170 x D90 (mm)
Frequency 868MHz
IP Rating IP65
Power Battery Power Pack
Sound Output 85db
Warranty 12 Months
Weight 1.72kg / 3.80lbs
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