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Century™ Elite Series LED Lightbars

Whelen's Century Elite is a low profile lightbar designed for long life reliability and ease of operation.




44", 4 Red, Blue, Amber or White




50", 4 Red, Blue, Amber or White



Replace " * " symbol in model number with letter indicating lens color or LED color desired:

A = Amber; B = Blue; C = Clear/White; R = Red; G = Green

Available in Red, Blue, Amber, or White with Clear outer dome
• Four corner Linear-LED® modules provide 360° coverage for SAE J845 Class 1 certification
• Standard low current switching with multiple Scan-Lock™ flash patterns and pattern override feature
• Compression fit gaskets provide moisture resistance
• Extruded aluminum platform
• Standard passenger side cable
• Clip-Lock™ system allows easy access to lightbar for service or upgrade
• Includes mounting feet with hardware for permanent mount. Optional vehicle specific mounting straps available
• Optional LED inboard modules, Traffic Advisor™, take-downs, and alley lights


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